If you love kids, there’s no better way to spend your summer than working as a Gan Izzy of Staten Island counselor! Each year, our select team of staff from throughout the tri-state area works together toward one common purpose—to help EVERY camper grow!


We would love for you to apply to join our counselor team if you…

  • LOVE KIDS! (this is of supreme importance!)
  • Possess excellent character, integrity and adaptability
  • Exhibit enthusiasm, a sense of humor, patience and self-control
  • Are able to work outside with kids in the summer
  • Relate to your peer group
  • Accept supervision and guidance
  • Can assist in teaching an activity



Our expectations for our counselors during the summer entail…

  • The desire to have fun!
  • The ability to communicate and work with groups of campers with different ages and skill levels as they participate in an activity, with you providing the necessary instruction
  • The ability to observe camper behavior, and assess its appropriateness, enforcing the necessary safety policies and emergency procedures, and applying appropriate behavior-management techniques
  • The visual and auditory ability to identify and respond to environmental and other hazards related to an activity
  • The willingness to make a fool of yourself for the sake of making a kid smile!



Camp is about more than just YOU. Your bunk is your family! So…

  1. You’ll take primary responsibility for the health, well-being, and happiness of your campers.
  2. You’ll learn the likes & dislikes of each.
  3. You’ll recognize and respond to opportunities for problem-solving in your bunk.
  4. You’ll provide opportunities for each child in your bunk to experience success.
  5. You’ll give your campers time to discuss individual and bunk problems.
  6. You’ll set a good example for campers in all things, including cleanliness, punctuality, clean-up, sportsmanship, and table manners.
  7. You’ll encourage respect for personal property, camp equipment, and facilities.



Anyone who has worked as a summer camp counselor will tell you there’s no better environment to develop these important life skills.



Everything you say, everything you do, the clothes you wear, the music you listen to, and your attitude during a blistering afternoon; will be imitated by 11 campers. Are you ready for this kind of responsibility?


Sarah just threw up, Rachel and Hannah are pulling each others hair, Daniella’s at your side crying because she lost her towel, and it’s time to lead your bunk to carpool. Oh, by the way, your co-counselor is out sick...



Now it’s certainly not the best reason to work as a summer camp counselor, but salary IS important. We aren't talking about huge amounts of money, but you WILL take home most of what you earn since we also provide meals and trips! It’s really not a bad deal!

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